Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Government Strikes Again - Anti Medical/2nd amendment

So I will link a couple of sites in a moment but I want to rant first. Apparently the government has decided to pass more illegal laws. Back to back the ATF (bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms) and IRS have passed two laws to infringe on our civil rights.

ATF over steps its legal bounds with this: Law

basically if you own or were even RECOMMENDED by a doctor (recommended, you don't even have to have accepted) a medical marijuana license you lose your 2nd amendment right to own or purchase a weapon. Now I'm more of a 2nd amendment person then a medical MJ license owner but its the fact of how they are setting a precedence for being able to attack constitutional rights. Even if this can be ignored by most agencies it can be used in courts as a stepping stone for further laws against our rights. I also like how they've kept this pretty hush hush. Typical government shadyness.
Following closely on this Sept 27 issuance by the ATF is the IRS attack: Tax Law

under an obscure ruling back in 1982, section 280E stating that it "bans any tax deductions related to "trafficking in controlled substances." Therefore dispensaries cannot "deduct standard business expenses such as payroll, security or rent" The rest of the article is self explanitory.

Yes I know the federal government still classifies weed as a type I controlled substance even though 16 have legalized medical marijuana. So argue all you want about that issue. What bothers me is how they go about dragging in Constitutional rights into this battle and how they keep it hush hush.

Either way: 'From my cold, dead hands!'"


  1. This is very upsetting. Hopefully Ron Paul will get the Republican nomination and win in 2012 so we can get our republic back.

  2. Man, the government is trying to fuck us up little by little

  3. I don't want to live in America anymore. That's so stupid.

  4. yea this damn government needs a good shakeup and start from scratch how they are running things

  5. Thats messed up, get the government out of my back yard, and gun closet.

  6. Governments nowdays are widening the gap between them and the people, which is the total contrary of what they suppose to do.