Friday, November 4, 2011

College Library - interum post

So I was at the Cal State University in Northridge's library for the 3rd day in a row and two thoughts came to me.  A) UCLA's library is much better (but I'm not motivated enough to go out of my way on a non school day to go)  B) I'm spending waaaay to much time there.   It's like my home away from home.  I guess when your working on a research project/thesis it's a normal thing but my mentality hasn't caught up with the realities of Graduate work.  Oh well.  I'll have a new post up in a day or two, I've just been behind in everything this week.   At least it's raining today.  That always makes things better.


  1. Gonna be doing Graduate studies next year, hopefully; probably gonna be making the library my second home too :p

  2. yup, random thoughts also came to me when im at the library :p cool post

  3. years without going to a library :3