Friday, August 19, 2011

Really?? The "WM3"

Gotta love the American Judicial system. Apparently it's okay for people to kill children and then have their conviction (yes they were convicted) repealed by a judge who plea bargains with child killers. The 'West memphis 3" My part of the msnbc's report was "The three were placed on 10 years' probation and if they re-offend they could be sent back to prison for 21 years, Prosecutor Scott Ellington said." Really?? They should be killed not put back in prison. I just hope that their 18 years in jail were filled with lots of Big Bubba's special time. What really gets me is the fact that they agreed to a deal that allows them to basically plead innocent yet acknowledge at the same time that there is enough evidence to convict them... What?! Isn't that guilty? Just another travesty of our failing legal system.