Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cheat Sheet For MLA Or How to MLA Work Cited in 3 Seconds

Ever wonder how I make my semi-wonderful work cited sections that are always relegated to the obscure side of the ignored zone?  No? Well someone requested that I put up my quick 'how to method' of doing MLA style references.  Because why spend two hours on something you can do in 10 minutes?  You could invest in a handy dandy 7th ed MLA format book that'll probably be updated next year rendering your brand new opened only once copy obsolete due to the one change.... OR you could forget everything, throw out the book and use the only two links you'll ever need:

The Purdue Online Writing Lab (owl):  Link 1 :  Link 2

Of the two I prefer the second (easybib)  just because it does most of the work for you.  Just plug in the book title, ISBN, website etc and it will format a (mostly) correct Bibliography for you.  I say mostly because occasionally it has been known to make mistakes, but these are very few and far between and can be caught usually with a cursory glance.  For the most part this site is easy to understand as it asks for specific information it needs so there's no guess work.

Owl on the other hand is a more of an MLA reference site so it's closer to the book format (no easy plug and play features) but it has an easy search feature and contains all the MLA guidelines that the book has (and it's free).  The other reason I like OWL is because it has tons of other MLA reference material beyond just bibliography and such.

That's it.  No magic.  No complex formulas.  Hope that makes research citations easier :)

[pictures taken from google image search ( and purdue's main page)]


  1. Nice gonna search it now. Thanks

  2. EasyBobBib seems really better!

  3. When you know the trick it always seem simpler :p

  4. :citation needed:
    hahah XD well this can greatly enhance work flow and referencing :o

  5. EasyBib does make mistakes, but they're rare. This is a great site, and I recommend it to everyone.