Thursday, January 19, 2012

Top 5 Fictional Teachers

Since school is about to start I figured I'd do a fun double post to get into the pre-school year spirit.  Today I'm going to post what's probably not going to be to fresh of an idea but I want to use it in juxtaposition to the next post I do.  As the title states I'm going to choose what I think are the top 5 fictional movie teachers based on popularity.  But since I don't typically agree with main stream ideas.  I'll do a counter post choosing the actual top 5 obscure ones.  Should be interesting to see how they compare.   Okay on with the list

#5  Louanne Johnson  
---Michelle Pfeiffer---
Dangerous Minds

I think this fits the bill for a solid stereotypical number 5.  The song that haunted the mid 90's was more memorable than the movie but the empowered role she played was decent enough to have this teacher become memorable enough to those who were old enough to have watched the movie.  Louanne's attitude that "you can do it no matter who you are or what situation your in" is admirable enough.

#4 John Keating       
--Robin Williams--
Dead Poets Society

The only reason this clinches the number four spot is because it's even older then the number 5 spot.  Personally I think John Keating is an amazing character.  More teachers should take a lesson from this movie.  Forget the mainstream, it doesn't work anymore.

#3 Veronica Vaughn

--Bridgette Wilson--
Billy Madison

I'm slowly working my way up to modern movies.   It's just hard when there's so many good roles from the 90's.  Poor Billy wouldn't have become successful without the help of Miss. Vaughns character.

#2  Albus Dumbledore   
--Richard Harris--
Harry Potter

Ask most any kid who their favorite fictional teacher and I'd bet money they'd say Dumbledore.  Besides being currently popular, this character was influential in a mysterious sort of way.  Sometimes guiding from behind the scenes can be a good method of teaching for those that are resistant to education.  And yes he's a book character before he was a movie character

#1 Mr. Miyagi
--Pat Morita--
The Karate Kid

What Dumbledore was to this generation, I think Mr. Miyagi was to my generation.  Wielding his chopsticks and wearing his cool headband, every kid wished he could train under this guy.

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  1. lol they are all great teachers. love the post.

  2. omg lol mister miyagi, nostalgic xD

  3. I loved Albus Dumbledore and John Keating

  4. Great post, but for me dumbledore should be first.

  5. last two, definatly a good choice! ;D

  6. i agree with frankcom, but miyagi is the best.. he rulzzz!!

  7. Idk if I agree with all of them. But Mr. Miyagi rules!!

  8. Louanne Johnson by far the best. Also Dangerous Minds is one of my all time favorite movies.

  9. I love Albus Dumbledore!! I'm a big fan!!