Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Well school started and I'm immediately swamped.  I had planned on having the second part to my previous post done but, well... that didn't quite pan out.  Anywho, I'll probably have time tomorrow to put it up.  I think no matter how long you've been in school, the first week is pure chaos.  At least the class I'm teaching this semester seems be made up of a group of students that are somewhat willing to engage in conversation without having it be comparable to teeth pulling (always a plus).  I even had a conversation with a student coming in to the class taught after mine who mistook me for a full time faculty professor, which was a neat experience.  I'm usually the one walking into a class room and seeing another teacher leave and now I'm in that position (well, sort of).  Ether way it drew a smile.  Okay so, post tomorrow and then I'll have steady blogs up from my school postings starting Mondayish.  These may or may not be interesting.  They should be to those interested in The Hernandez Brothers who are most famously known for "Love and Rockets".  That's it for now.  

Don't be jealous of what I get to 'study'.

"Love and Rockets" picture taken from Google search and is not the property of CSH.


  1. i've studied that comic extensively myself over the years

  2. Being an elementary art teacher I had an experience recently that made me take a step back. I ran into a girl recently that looked familiar but I couldn't place her. It turned out that girl had graduated high school and I had taught her when she was in kindergarten. 8O

  3. That's awesome, I'd love to 'study' that.

  4. I'm jealous. I have to go through two hundred pages of pure, distilled boredom.

    I really, really wish I could read Love and Rockets instead.